Health and Wellness

Enable new forms of therapy.

Put evidence-based research and the power of Spatial at the service of patients and healthcare workers.

Enable new forms of therapy.

Put evidence-based research and the power of Spatial at the service of patients and healthcare workers.

Support the healing experience with immersive soundscapes.

Spatial provides a dynamic and highly controllable sound environment that can be harnessed for physical and mental wellness. Spatial is creating healing sound environments based on evidence-based approaches such as auditory beat stimulation to relieve stress and re-balance the parasympathetic system. With Spatial, healthcare providers can deploy immersive audio technology throughout their campus, creating peace and serenity, while melting away the noise pollution that can consume us.

Our partnership with HealthTunes is our first step in bringing this science to life. HealthTunes is a digital streaming platform offering scientific-based MusicMedicine to improve physical and mental health by pairing medical research with therapeutic playlists. HealthTunes is using the Spatial platform to incorporate auditory beat simulation into immersive soundscapes. This dynamic 3D experience allows the brain to reach a more desired mental state by influencing brain wave activity.

Create spaces that support the wellbeing of healthcare professionals.

Hospitals are adopting auditory beat stimulation layered with Spatial soundscapes to help alleviate burnout, stress and depression among frontline healthcare workers. Spatial, in conjunction with WellStar Health System and HealthTunes is aiming to reverse these trends through the healing power of sound. Spatial’s immersive audio platform combined with HealthTunes evidence-based ‘MusicMedicine’ will redefine the use of sound as a restorative and therapeutic tool to decrease stress and anxiety, increase relaxation, improve sleep, and more. We are designing auditory experiences for leading health systems that promote workforce health through relaxation and quick rejuvenation rooms. Our hospital partners are in the process of quantifying the benefits for their workforce, and the downstream positive impact on patient care.

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Wellstar’s mission is to enhance the health and wellbeing of every person they serve. This level of care begins with the well-trained healthcare professionals equipped to treat patient needs. In order to support their healthcare professionals, Catalyst by Wellstar has committed to building and testing resiliency rooms that will aid the wellbeing of their healthcare providers.

Enrich the patient experience at every step of the journey.

Leading clinics and hospitals are investing in the patient journey by building patient-centered experiences with sound as a core sensory modality. Spatial is working with clinical partners to create a range of treatments and settings to improve the patient experience. Spatial tools help create experiences that lower anxiety and stress associated with doctor visits, or even utilizing sound as a friendly companion on a patient visit. Spatial’s partnership with Reimagine Well exemplifies how our dynamic platform opens new opportunities to evolve the patient journey.

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