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Set new experience standards for the future of work

Soundscapes that can help us work better, build connections, and increase productivity.

Set new experience standards for the future of work

Soundscapes that can help us work better, build connections, and increase productivity.

Turn the office into a desirable destination

As leading companies are rearchitecting the full lifecycle of work and rethinking the purpose of the modern campus with their employees, immersive work design is coming to the forefront. Hybrid work models inherently consider the unique strength of each workplace to maximize creativity, teamwork and performance. There's a unique opportunity today to make the office a place people are excited to go to, whether it's every day or on the terms that work for each company's mission and culture.

“How and where audio is deployed and designed can significantly impact our experiences. We know that there is an 86% correlation between one’s reaction to sound and their subconscious desire to return to that space, “

Research by our partners at Made Music Studio shows that well-crafted music and sound can move individuals into a state of relaxed productivity that is 16% more calming and 13% more pleasant on average than a typical office ambience condition. Spatial can be a key lever to deliver on that opportunity, with soundscape-enhanced environments that are easily scalable and customizable on our real-time interactive platform.

Our partner Made Music Studio is creating a series of workplace-focused sonic ambiences. Developed for specific use in office and corporate settings, the Made Music Studio sounds include a suite of three sonic ambiences inspired by nature's four elements of air, earth, water and fire, designed to enhance employee engagement and productivity. This inaugural suite incorporates biophilic sonic design with existing Spatial scenes to evoke three themes.

These include:

1. Welcome ambience: for use in lobbies & entry points to offices & corporate spaces; inspiring warmth and interconnectedness.

2. Focus ambience: for use in coworking spaces or other quieter spaces that are used for focused productivity; inspiring relaxation and intimacy while reducing distractions.

3. Energizing ambience: for use in high-energy communal spaces and high-traffic areas (e.g., dining, recreation areas, hallways); inspiring optimism and motivation.

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Foster collaboration and inspire creativity

From virtual meetings to sophisticated remote collaboration tools, we’ve recently pushed the boundaries of what can be accomplished outside the office. This opens up the opportunity and raises the bar for how to harness the unique power of teams in physical work spaces. Deliberate and serendipitous collaboration, cross-functional and cultural teaming, culture and community-building -- all such aspects of the office can be enhanced with any type of “sound mindset” required for the task at hand.

With Spatial soundscapes you can dial up the energy, reduce noise pollution, or ignite unexpected creativity by transporting your team to the jungle, the top of a mountain, or to swim with whales.

Increase employee productivity and well-being

A campus to show off to parents. A brand that everyone wants in their home. An impact-driven mission. Such sources of pride turn employees into evangelists, and can increase retention. But that is not enough. Significant investment in the wellbeing of teams, and overall quality of the work environment, has a direct impact on the quality of the work itself. For example, biophilic design has been shown to significantly increase employee engagement and productivity -- from conference rooms, to larger gathering areas, to dedicated wellness spaces. Being in a state of flow can cut a task’s duration and enable unexpected insights.

Proper relaxation and recovery after a challenging task or project also sets up success mindsets for the next challenges ahead. In all the levers currently deployed in the workplace, sound is one of the most underutilized, if at all. Spatial’s realistic, flexible, and interactive immersion capabilities are a powerful toolset in affecting your bottom line.

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