How it Works


A new dimension to sound.

Spatial is an audio simulation platform that enables immersive and interactive sound experiences.

Spatial uses object-based audio and real world acoustic physics to simulate characteristics like size, position, distance and speed.


Installations of any size or shape.

With Spatial there are no rigid requirements for speaker locations. You can install speakers in any location or configuration—indoors or outdoors—and Spatial will adapt your content in real-time for optimal realism.

Illustration of hardware.

Every level of audio equipment.

The Spatial Reality engine runs on modern Mac hardware and can be used with readily available audio equipment. Configure your computer for Spatial playback, connect and assign your audio outputs and you’re ready to experience epic soundscapes.

Spatial supports integrations with go-to industry solutions like AES67, OSC, Dante, Unreal and more.

Illustration of Mac computers.


No custom computer needed—install Spatial Reality on any modern Mac. Linux is also supported for custom installs.

Illustration of audio system.

Audio interface

USB, Thunderbolt or networked audio—anything your computer system can detect, Spatial can output to it.

Illustration of range of audio speakers.


Works well with any type—basic, passive, in-wall, in-ceiling, active studio monitors or the highest end professional options.


Sound that reacts.

Illustration of interactive sound installation.


Any kind of data source can influence your Spatial scene — from IR presence detectors and computer vision systems to information feeds like ambient sound, weather and crowd sensing systems.


When the scene can use a little extra impact, Spatial can output to lighting, displays, projection mapping systems, control systems and more.


Build your space.

The Spatial Control app guides you through setup. Configure your speaker locations, test your audio equipment and tune the acoustics right on your iOS device.

Speaker position setup.

Acoustic measurement.


Design your scene.

Spatial Studio empowers anyone to create immersive, interactive audio experiences. A visual canvas and a powerful workflow make the design experience simple and intuitive. You drop in sound objects and give them the characteristics you want. Spatial renders hyper-realistic sound.

Position sound objects in 3D space.

Create and edit animation keys.

Preview scenes in your space.

Publish your work to any space.


Experience it.

Once your space is set up you can manage your account, invite people to your space, play your scenes and tune loudness right from Spatial Control.

Manage account details.

Browse and play your scenes.


Start creating immersive soundscapes.

Hear a new kind of immersion.

Learn how to create using Spatial Studio.

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