Everything you need for immersive audio

Spatial Soundscapes
Immersive Speakers
Mac Mini + Spatial License
Audio Hardware + Rack

Spatial Anywhere

Spatial Space Kit is the first all-in-one immersive audio solution deployable in any kind of space.

Purpose-built speakers.
The speakers deliver a full-range and balanced immersive sound field in three dimensions. Scale your install from four speakers to as many as you need for your space.
Pre-configured audio hardware.
Mac Mini with pre-installed Spatial Reality, Spatial license, and a networked amplifier. Everything you need out of the box to get up and running in minutes.
Bundled Spatial soundscapes.
Use case specific soundscapes available on day one. The Spatial Scene library has everything you need to create the perfect environment.

Elevate the


Anywhere, really.

Be anywhere.

Whether you're looking to create a relaxing and calming atmosphere, or an energetic and exciting one, the Spatial soundscape library has everything you need to create the perfect environment.

A speaker designed for immersion.

We worked with the Sonance x James Loudspeaker team to design a speaker that is purpose built to deliver complete immersion.
Vertical Soundstage

An immersive speaker tower allows reproduction of sounds in 3 dimensions. The speaker contains 3 individually addressable channels.

Sound objects can be placed anywhere to reproduce sounds on the floor or above you. No ceiling speakers are necessary.

Natural Sound

The heart of the Spatial speaker is the two-inch ultra-wide bandwidth driver.

The ultra-wide bandwidth driver provides extremely natural reproduction of both real and simulated sounds.

Line Array

The use of two small vertical arrays of drivers allows the Spatial speaker to position high and low sounds naturally.

The small diameter of the ultra-wide bandwidth driver provides excellent horizontal coverage with a smooth transition of sound from speaker to speaker.

Practical Installation

Put speakers anywhere. Floor standing, wall mount, or corner mount allow easy installation to change any space.

One single easy connector. No need for wire strippers, screwdrivers, or phoenix connectors.

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