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Unleash your creativity with Spatial Studio.

Spatial Studio is the macOS authoring tool that lets anyone—from professionals to first-time designers—create immersive and interactive audio experiences. Our software simplifies audio design tools and enables soundscapes to play anywhere.

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Desktop workstation showing Spatial Studio on computer display.

“An astonishingly convincing immersive experience in which the technology becomes transparent and the auralization renders a lifelike emotionally engaging presentation. All of this without any apparatus required to be worn by the listener.”

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Woman's profile listening to the sound of the ocean.

Create experiences that are realer than real.

Three-dimensional sound.

With Spatial Studio you can place sound objects in 3D space with properties and behaviors that leverage the physics of real-world sound to create living, fully-dimensional, and realistic soundscapes.

Immersive, transportive experiences.

Spatial Studio gives anyone the power to design interactive, immersive experiences that transform a space to tell your story.

Group of people at an urban audio installation listening to nature sounds.

Soundscapes that react.

Interactive audio experiences.

Sensors enable people to interact with your soundscapes and change how they behave. Your soundscapes can adjust to ambient noise, time of day, crowd size, and more.

Always changing and surprising.

Sound experiences can be designed with entropy and randomness to feel different every time you experience them.


Design once, deploy anywhere.

Spatial soundscapes scale to your space—from a living room to a theme park—and adapt to any kind of audio equipment or speaker configuration. And when working in Spatial Studio, you can update your soundscape and hear your changes in real time.

Spatial Studio app screenshot on a desktop display.Home setting on left, outdoor public park on right.

"It is a big deal to be able to work creatively - like spinning a group of sound objects in 3D space or the ability to apply motion curves to those same sound objects.”

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Professional audio workstation with Spatial Studio UI on monitor.

Turn your vision into sound.

Visualize the experience.

Spatial Studio provides a visual canvas for you to completely transform your space and intuitively design audio experiences like never before.

Simple, powerful workflow.

Creating soundscapes is as simple as dropping in sounds objects, applying physical properties to those objects and our system does the rest by rendering lifelike acoustics in your space.

Hear a new kind of immersion.

Dive deeper into the power of Spatial.

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