Why Spatial

Sound that reshapes experiences.

Spatial powers immersive sound experiences that transform the places we work, play and stay. User-friendly software and apps enable creators to make living, breathing sonic worlds. Powerful audio tools drive immersive, three-dimensional sound that makes spaces feel bigger, or more intimate, or more alive. Anywhere you can imagine, with Spatial you can be there.

Aric Marshall, Head of Product at Spatial, on using Spatial as a tool to harness sound and shape human experience.

Transform your space.

Sound is more than just what you hear, it’s what you feel. Spatial can change the emotion of a room—and enhance everything about your space—by immersing your guests in a complete new reality.

Immersive sound creates a completely new kind of connection with your brand, locations and products. You can use it to build spaces worth exploring and create experiences worth coming back to hear.

Group of people at an urban audio installation listening to nature sounds.
Mother and daughter listening to sounds of jellyfish.

Sound design can ignite guests’ emotions and influence how they interact with a space. Sound can draw our attention and pique our interest, ensuring we never miss a meaningful moment.

Redefine reality.

With Spatial, the impossible becomes real. We leverage real-world physics to give sound objects the acoustic properties and behaviors that enable realistic audio experiences like never before. When Spatial is at work, guests are immersed in sound that cuts through the mundane and leaves a lasting impression.

Smiling young woman listening to sound of rocket ship taking flight.

Flexible and interactive.

Spatial enables you to scale audio experiences to spaces of nearly any size, without a single edit to your content. From an intimate retail experience to large venues like museums, theme parks or retail stores. With Spatial, you design once and deploy everywhere.

Like the real world, Spatial experiences are completely interactive, encouraging guests to explore and experiment throughout the space. With comprehensive and immediate support for both inputs and outputs, Spatial experiences can react to anything in real time for a completely immersive engagement.

Desktop workstation showing Spatial Studio on computer display.

From a small space to a theme park, and indoors to out, Spatial is designed for flexibility. It has virtually no limits or restrictions, so you can take your guests anywhere you can imagine.

Audio for everyone, anywhere.

Our software doesn’t just modernize traditional channel-based audio; it rethinks it for immersive experiences. Our intuitive design tools empower anyone to create and deploy live, three-dimensional, interactive soundscapes—at any scale.

Spatial Empowers
  • Architects
  • Interior Designers
  • Experience Designers
  • Retail Designers
  • Exhibit Designers
  • Audio Creators

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