How Spatial Completely Transformed a California-Based Luxury Home Showroom with Immersive Audio

Get to Know Global Wave

Global Wave Integration is a company that specializes in designing and installing custom technology solutions for luxury residences. Their goal is to create spaces tailored to their client's individual needs and visions by working closely with both internal and external teams to ensure that each project is engineered with intention. The results are luxurious, intelligent spaces that reflect the client's unique style and personality. 

Whether their clients are looking for a simple update to their current home or a complete overhaul, Global Wave Integration has the experience and expertise to make it happen. They pride themselves on being able to bring even the most complex visions to life, making sure that every detail is accounted for.

About Spatial

Spatial's audio software powers real-time immersive soundscapes to enhance human experience in real world environments. Our technology allows our customers to use sound to create a custom audio experience where they can live and perform at their best. Our products are designed to help our clients entertain, unwind, work, and recharge their personal lives with their friends, colleagues, or families. Spatial technology is changing how people interact with their surroundings by creating new ways to connect with the world around us. 

Our system takes surround sound, home theater, and music streaming a step further by creating listening experiences that move beyond traditional home audio and surround sound systems. Our platform elevates the home experience with more realism, deeper immersion, and more flexible speaker arrangements than conventional formats.  

Spatial breaks free from the confines of typical sound design and channel-based audio, and instead allows custom integrators to do things with immersive sound that they’ve never been capable of with other immersive technologies. Running on simple, accessible devices like Macs and iPhones, Spatial can be more easily and affordably deployed than existing audio solutions, which is exactly why Global Wave welcomed Spatial to their existing showroom in Burbank, CA.

The Opportunity

Global Wave’s showroom in Burbank, CA, like many high-fidelity audio showrooms, features emerging technologies and state-of-the art hardware, wiring, and other technical solutions needed to produce the highest possible quality showroom to customers. Global Wave’s showroom has been featured in numerous articles including CEPro October 2021 “...New showroom incorporates emerging technologies of wellness, home healthcare” as well as winning six CEDIA "best of awards" for their work. 

Global Wave Integration needed a technical solution to help with the challenging speaker placement that is dictated by a rear projection video system. Screen channels are typically placed behind an acoustically transparent screen in many theater or media room settings. But when the image is projected onto an optimized piece of glass, the speakers have to flank the image since the sound won’t pass through the solid object. While offering benefits to the video presentations, this can diminish the overall audio experience. The goal is always the suspension of disbelief and being fully immersed into the movie.  When the president of Global Wave Integration, Kyle Steele, encountered the issue in his own showroom, he worked with Spatial to solve the design and audio challenge.

Overhauling the hardware suite for an entire showroom can be extremely expensive and take years to return on investment, so they needed an agile, affordable, and dynamic solution to solve the speaker layout challenge in their showroom. So, our team at Spatial got to work on implementing our industry-leading immersive sound technology.

“Spatial dramatically impacted our room, raising the sound floor from below the screen to hearing the dialogue coming directly from the person speaking in the middle of the screen. Like a magic trick, youexperience it happening right in front of you, but you can’t quite believe it. Truly a game changer for the overall cinematic experience. With Spatial, we’re ushering into the Golden Age of immersive audio.”

— Kyle Steele (President, Global Wave Integrations)

Solutions Implemented

The primary goal of the installation was to position the audio energy so that it would track better with the image.  The screen, a solid, non-acoustically transparent material, forced the left, center, and right speakers to be around the screen, not behind the screen.  Despite having a very high performance speaker system, the speakers had to be placed opportunistically.  With Spatial, home theater speakers can now go where they can go; based on architectural design, not surround system requirements. 

In this case, the center channel speaker was below the screen at only 24” off the floor, which is much lower than normal. The result is that the center channel audio, primarily dialogue, is disconnected from the visual of mouths moving much higher up the screen —sometimes as much as a few feet. As a result, this is noticeable and not as the movie intended to be experienced. 

A dedicated theater would have speakers in or on the rear wall. Since the Global Wave’s showroom is also a multi-purpose space for hosting clients, builders, architects for meetings and presentations, there is also a bar and full kitchen at the rear of the room which does not allow for speakers on the rear wall.  Using Spatial’s software to “virtualize” the rear channels we enabled the existing in-ceiling speakers to “fill in” some of the sound energy that would normally come from the rear surround channels. They would also normally be at approximately ear level which isn’t possible in this case.

We were able to do something similar in the front right corner of the room since two doorways created a bit of a gap in sound at the front of the room. Our team leveraged similar methods as the front channels just oriented horizontally. 

To solve these challenges, the team at Spatial first needed to create a space map to inform Spatial’s technology where the speakers were actually located in the showroom (not where they should be located).

  • We had to line up all channels through the audio chain. (Spacemap -> Spatial Studio -> TPI)
  • TPI Director has their own free download, proprietary software. Free download. Without that software, we would not have been able to line up the channels correctly.
  • Creating multiple scenes through Spatial to make an A/B comparison of existing setup vs. Spatial rendering.


  • Lyngdorf Audio MP-60 2.1 w/AES67 card
  • TPI Director
  • TPI PM8HD amplifiers (x5)
  • TPI Studio 3-8 speakers (x3)
  • TPI Studio 3-6 Pro speakers (x6)
  • TPI Studio 2-6 Pro speakers (x4)
  • TPI Studio CS-15 speakers (x2)
  • TPI Studio BM-12 subwoofers (x2)
  • Apple Mac Mini running Spatial
  • Sonos Port streamer
  • Meridian Audio 251 streamer


  • Barco Njord projector
  • Stewart Filmscreen 64” x 146” 2.35:1 rear projection screen
  • Kaleidescape Strato C Movie Player
  • Apple TV
  • madVR Labs Envy Extreme video processor
  • Dish Network Hopper 3
  • Black Dove digital art server
  • Sony Playstation 5
  • Microsoft XBOX Series X


  • Crestron control system
  • voice control system
  • Basalte keypad
  • Lutron Palladiom keypad


Global Wave’s showroom in Burbank, CA now features Spatial as part of their emerging technology portfolio. Based on the requirements, the Spatial experience enhances the current infrastructure of the Global Wave showroom. With Spatial technology, the software has created the ability to virtualize channels throughout the showroom where design barriers prevented them.

To say we’re thrilled about Global Wave’s new showroom setup would be an understatement. Spatial has totally transformed the showroom into an unforgettable audio sensory experience. This is the cutting-edge, next-level sound immersion their customers crave and, more importantly, their competitors lack.

With Spatial, Global Wave can deliver an impactful experience that educates, entertains, and inspires customers — all while driving conversions and lifelong supporters. They couldn't be more thrilled about this addition to their showroom, and we can't wait to see how it continues to wow their visitors.

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