A Deeper dive into the power of Spatial.

Spatial’s powerful audio tools drive immersive, three-dimensional sound that helps visionary companies transform their spaces and transport their audiences. Our user-friendly software and apps provide a canvas to create living, breathing sonic worlds. 

Spatial Space Kit

Immersive audio anywhere

Say hello to Spatial Space Kit. The first all-in-one hardware and software solution that includes pre-configured hardware with Spatial's powerful software — making it easier than ever for commercial customers to rapidly deploy immersive soundscapes in any space.

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Every level of audio equipment

No space is too small or too large for Spatial technology. You can deploy Spatial indoors or outdoors, with readily available audio equipment. We adapt to the space, and play nice with all kinds of speakers, and can be customized to your needs. 

Configure your computer for Spatial playback, connect and assign your audio outputs and you’re ready to experience epic soundscapes.


No custom computer needed—install Spatial Reality on any modern Mac. Linux is also supported for custom installs.

Audio Interface

USB, Thunderbolt or networked audio—anything your computer system can detect, Spatial can output to it. Spatial supports integrations with go-to industry solutions like AES67, OSC, Unreal and more.


Works well with any type—basic, passive, in-wall, in-ceiling, active studio monitors or the highest end professional options.

Spatial Reality

Spatial Reality is the macOS engine running in the background that drives Spatial soundscapes.

Spatial Studio

Spatial Studio is the real-time editing environment for designing immersive sonic experiences.

Spatial Control

Spatial Control runs on your iOS device, for real-time control and interaction with all of your content.

Sound you believe in places you can’t believe

Spatial Reality engine is built on an object-driven platform that renders realistic, believable soundscapes in real-time. Using object-based audio and acoustic physics, Spatial simulates characteristics like size, position, distance and speed in the real world. With natural physics and complex object behaviors, Spatial experiences can allow for 24:7 dynamic soundscapes in any space.


Installations of any size or shape

With Spatial there are no rigid requirements for speaker locations. You have the flexibility to install speakers in any location or configuration—a small retail store, an open office floor, or a giant theme park attraction—and Spatial will adapt your content in real-time for optimal realism.

Inputs and Outputs

Experiences that react

Spatial Reality enables soundscapes to respond to movement, music, temperature, and other inputs that trigger actions. Similarly, it can inform and trigger actions with video, lighting, control systems, and other outputs.  Designed to have entropy and randomness, these experiences will never sound the same twice. This opens up an unlimited potential to create responsive, immersive experiences optimized for specific audiences.

Unleash your creativity with Spatial Studio

Spatial Studio is the macOS real time editing environment for designing immersive sonic experiences. Unlike linear audio design software, Studio lets you orchestrate sounds with movement, relations, and reactions to cues inside a space.

Creators can fine-tune object position, size, motion and behaviors on a 3D canvas, while listening to real-time preview. Scaling controls and adaptive physics for position, speed and distance give designers the confidence the scene will be incredible in any space.

Publish to the Spatial cloud, play anywhere.

Cool things you can do in Studio

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Spatial Studio Quick Start Guide

Looking for a little help diving into Spatial Studio? Look no further. Our Quick Start Guide will walk you through some of the basics and have you up and running in no time.

Get Started

Build your Spaces. Then change them completely.

Spatial Control runs on your iOS device, for real-time control and interaction with all of your spaces. User- friendly scene and space controls are woven in with detailed user roles and permissions, providing the access and management expected of a business-critical service experience.

Spatial Control also provides tools for easy setup, tuning and customization of your spaces, using the portability and power of the mobile device to get everything just right without ever leaving the space.