Who is a Spatial creator?

You are! From audio hobbyists to Grammy-winning artists, anyone can create with Spatial. Supporting creative innovators is why we exist.

We believe sound is one of the most underutilized senses in shaping viscerally transformative experiences at scale. Such experiences can be created today using incredibly expensive & specialized hardware and custom software – but they seldom are. We are democratizing access to the creation & deployment of these experiences by making software that empowers innovators to create experiences like you’ve never heard before. To make that even better, for you audio innovators, we make the full power of our software available for free with Backstage Pass.


Our senses are the way our brain understands the world; the way our heart connects with our collective humanity. They have the power to transport us to new realities. The land of dreams, where visions are so elusive yet, once seen, albeit too briefly, lay the seed for the greatest creativity that comes alive in the world.

Artists are the messengers to such lands, and Spatial gives artists the most streamlined solutions ever to shape the sound of their message in, literally, full dimensions. Sound designers and engineers, music producers, DJs, performance artists – Spatial audio innovators, your medium has now arrived.

“ I am still transfixed on the sheer level of sonic ecstasy that can be created in a few hours using Spatial.”

— Deric Solis, Sonic Creative Voxbx Engineering

Creative Production

The design economy has become ubiquitous to every human experience. We design everything we see, why haven’t we yet designed everything we hear? Because no one has had yet the right tools to be creative about how a place sounds.

Spatial makes it easier, more flexible, and more affordable than ever before for experience designers, architects, and creative production agencies to provide their clients with one of the biggest missing pieces of the experience puzzle.

Go beyond the looping playlists, the heaviness of ambient noise, or the metallic coldness of silence. Innovate in retail, in wellness, in the workplace, and more, to elevate the everyday experience – or imagine the biggest wow moments at fashion shows, exhibitions, and other temporary pop-ups or events.

“I’m excited about what Spatial brings to the world as immersive audio has long been overlooked and never a true peer in experience design.”

— Wilhelm Oehl, Partner and CXO, Eight Inc.


Students can be at the heart of innovation: unfettered, unlimited imagination at the forefront of the spirit of the times. With our curriculum offerings, we’re here to inspire both individual students as well as educational institutions with the tools and the resources to bring the most out of the immersive power of sound.

“In audio education, Spatial Studio's visual interface makes it so much easier to transition creators that have only ever worked with traditional channelized audio tools, to working in an object based environment.”

— Robert Brock, Director of Education, Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences

Spatial adapts to
your set up

With one of our latest features, Headspace, creators can now simulate their target deployment with as little as a set of headphones. Creators can simulate a space by changing the listener’s position while listening via a pair of  headphones to preview their creative intent. Setting a Spatial deployment in a  creator’s studio can ensure even higher fidelity, real time previewing of what the immersive experience will feel like once deployed.

A Hobbyist studio setup

Small studios are designed to optimize for space and built for acoustics. We’ve been able to tailor experiences taking into account scale, real-world physics and budget. With the right tools and creative design, we can bring any hobbyist space to life with five audio channels and a DIY state of mind.

This studio is a great DIY example with 16 audio channels – 14 speakers and two micro subwoofers. All built from scratch for less than $1000!

The individual speakers were designed and created using 3.5” full range drivers placed and tuned in simple PVC tubing (affectionately known as the U-571’s) and similarly designed micro-subwoofers. These are powered by 8 Lepai LP-2020TI stereo 20W per channel digital amplifiers.

Two ESI Gigaport HD+ interfaces (eight channels each) have been aggregated together, with the Apple Audio MIDI Setup app via USB connections, and connected toa MacBook Pro powering Spatial Reality.

A Pro studio setup

Audio professionals are enhancing their studios and integrating Spatial into their pro studio workflow. These studios range from simple 5.1 & 7.1 surround systems modified for Spatial previews to 24 channels of fully immersive arrays driven by a variety of professional audio equipment and enhanced with additional interactive capabilities.

The studio shown was enhanced from a 7.1 surround environment to a 15.1 Spatial deployment by adding 4 additional Genelec monitors to the ceiling and 4 near the floor. An Apple MacMini was already being used as a file server, thus Spatial Reality was installed and now running there to support the Spatial compute. The system is tied together via a Lynx Aurora interface as well as a MOTU 24ao connected to the MacMini to feed the Spatial channels to the Aurora. Spatial Studio is run on a well configured MacPro with multiple displays and large mirror of the main display for clients.

The specific Pro Studio Speakers are the Genelec 8341 (3 front), 8331 (8 sides & ceiling), 8320 (4 floor) and a 7360 subwoofer.

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