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audio design

Audio enthusiasts now have the tools to create interactive soundscapes using our powerful 3D authoring tool, Spatial Studio. Our software modernizes traditional channel-based audio; by rethinking how we hear and feel immersive experiences, anywhere.

Spatial Studio

Spatial Studio is the macOS real- time editing environment for designing immersive sonic experiences. Unlike linear audio design software, Studio lets you orchestrate sounds with movement, relations, and reactions to cues inside a space.

Unleash Your Creativity

Creators can fine-tune object position, size, motion and behaviors on a 3D canvas, while listening to real-time preview. Scaling controls and adaptive physics for position, speed and distance give designers the confidence the scene will be incredible in any space.Our software simplifies audio design tools and enables soundscapes to play anywhere. Available for free with Backstage Pass.

• Position sound objects in your virtual 3D-space
• Give sound objects characteristics like movement and randomness
• Publish to the Spatial cloud, play anywhere

Explore how Spatial Studio opens up infinite creative possibilities.

Spatial Inside

Spatial Inside is a series of programs composed of educational resources and curriculum for audio engineers seeking to unlock the next frontier of accessible, flexible, and powerful immersive sound design tools.

Spatial Studio 101

Spatial Studio 101 is the foundational curriculum that offers Creators a course that teaches core principles of Spatial Studio, the real time editing environment for designing immersive sonic experiences. 

Whether you’re new to Spatial Studio or looking to expand your skills, learn how to design and compose Spatial Studio scenes for any project.

Sign-up for an upcoming December or January virtual Spatial Studio 101 course, taught by leading Spatial Creators.

Check out our self-guided Spatial Studio 101 lessons available now!

“With Spatial Studio 101, we [Spatial and CRAS] put things in the proper context of real world scenarios of how people might use the software. The goal was to ease any level audio engineer into Spatial Studio and help guide students to be creative - it's about inspiring people towards creativity. The beauty of Spatial is there’s no hard set of steps to make something that sounds good, we drafted something that inspires.”

— Robert Brock, Director of Education, Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences

Spatial EDU

The Spatial EDU program is a customized curriculum developed for educators by educators. Spatial Studio 101 has been adapted and customized for audio programs looking to enhance their current courses or professional development.

We offer training programs tailored to best fit your educational needs and accommodate any classroom, company facility, or remote learning environment.

Creative Agencies

Already making amazing sound?

Spatial makes it easier, more flexible, and more affordable than ever before for experienced designers, architects, and creative production agencies to provide their clients with one of the biggest missing pieces of the experience puzzle, immersive sound design.

Go beyond the looping playlists and the heaviness of ambient noise or the coldness of silence. Innovate in retail, in wellness, in the workplace, and more, to elevate the everyday experience.

Hear what these creative agencies are designing with Spatial.

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