Health and Wellness

Enable new forms of therapy.

Put evidence-based research and the power of Spatial at the service of patients and healthcare workers.

Spatial meets key demands of medicine for therapeutic environments

1. Precision: For sound and music therapy to be most effective, it must be able to be targeted with the precision of a drug. Spatial’s real-time platform provides the flexibility and control to meet the demands of clinical and therapeutic applications.

2. Standardization:
Doctors require clear protocols and patients expect predictable outcomes. Spatial provides a platform that makes music and sound therapy more replicable and predictable in any clinical space, on any system.

3. Personalization:
Spatial soundscapes, enhanced with sensors and linked to other devices in the space, enable experiences that adapt to evolving needs.

“Thanks to Spatial’s technology, health systems are empowered to find innovative ways to promote the mental wellbeing of their teams while paving the way for the technology’s use in patient-facing settings.”

– Dr. Hank Capps, Chief Information and Digital Officer,
Wellstar Health System and Founder, Catalyst by Wellstar



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Case study: Wellstar Health Systems Recovery Rooms

Wellstar Health System in Atlanta, like hospitals across this country, is facing an urgent problem with burnout among their doctors and nurses. Wellstar has responded by creating wellness rooms in all their hospitals where frontline health workers can escape and de-stress in a private space.

Spatial’s immersive audio platform combined with HealthTunes evidence-based ‘MusicMedicine’ allows nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals to choose a soundscape such as forest or a deep sea dive with singing whales, and feel like they are transported away from the pressure of the hospital. Soundscapes are enhanced with the option of Auditory Beat Stimulation – a research-based approach that uses low frequency pulses to entrain relaxed brain states and relax the parasympathetic nervous system.



Dr. Hank Capps, Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer and Digital Officer, Wellstar Health System



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Enrich the patient experience at every step of the journey

Spatial’s first wellness focus is to use ambient and controlled sound to make health spaces in hospitals and clinics warmer, more humane, and less stressful for patients and health workers.

Spatial is also teaming with medical systems, scientific researchers, digital health solution providers, and content creators to develop and deliver a range of sound-based therapies. Current areas of focus include birthing, cancer isolation rooms, and infusion centers.

Spatial’s partnership with Reimagine Well exemplifies how our dynamic platform opens new opportunities to evolve the patient journey.

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