Create a world of wonder.

Take your guests on a journey to a new state of mind.

Create a lasting impression.

Whether for business or pleasure, a great hotel experience is a break from the everyday. Sound is a powerful tool for creating that sense of escape, and reinforcing the magic of your destination. It can make guests feel more comfortable, relaxed or invigorated. With Spatial you can use immersive sound to stimulate the senses and create the engaging guest experiences that drive repeat visits.

"In creating immersive experiences, you are creating a destination for people to go to. You are creating a purpose for them to experience something that they otherwise could not."

– Wilhelm Oehl, Partner and CXO, Eight Inc.



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Change perceptions. Elevate experiences.

Spatial can create natural sounds that mask chatter or unwanted background noise. You can transform your busy lobby into a tranquil beach, a serene forest, or a revitalizing waterfall. And you can bring your property’s live outdoor experience to wherever your guests are. It’s how to make every moment of your guest’s stay feel considered, elevated and welcoming.





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