Exhibit the Unexpected.

Drive visitor engagement with immersive exhibits guests can't bear to skip.

Inspire guests to dig deeper.

People visit museums to learn about the world—and the universe—in ways that can’t be done at home. Spatial technology can help you create breakthrough museum experiences that inspire your guests to explore and interact. We enable immersive, interactive, and wholly unexpected audio experiences that stay with visitors long after they leave, and inspire them to keep thinking differently about the world.

"The National Geographic Society uses the power of science, exploration, education and storytelling to illuminate and protect the wonder of our world. Our investment in, and partnership with Spatial enriches our legacy of storytelling – pairing National Geographic's pioneering role in visual media with the latest in immersive audio experiences."

– Mike Ulica, President & Chief Operating Officer, National Geographic Society



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See what Spatial is doing with National Geographic.

Spatial has partnered with The National Geographic Society to bring "Once Upon a Climb, Stories From Everest" to life — an immersive experience in the National Geographic Museum in Washington D.C.

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Tell stories like never before.

Spatial audio adds an interactive element to exhibits that makes them deeply engaging. Sensors trigger location-based experiences that add richness and realness to your storytelling. And Spatial outputs can coordinate the experience with your entire exhibit. The audio experiences we enable immerse visitors in the world you create, connecting them with your content in ways they’ve never experienced before.

Made to flex around your exhibits.

Spatial technology can be deployed in your existing installations and exhibits. Our audio experiences fill spaces of any size or shape, from only a handful of speakers to multitudes. Speakers can be positioned nearly anywhere and our technology will create the best output for realism and immersion in real time.



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