Make home their favorite destination.

Use sound to create the perfect home experience—from thrilling to relaxing.



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Sound that helps you live at your best.

Today, a home means more—and does more—than it ever has before. Homes are designed to entertain, to unwind, to work, and to recharge. With Spatial technology you can use sound to create a home where people can live and perform at their best. You can make it feel more inviting, or more soothing, or more energizing.



"Spatial's implementation of immersive audio opens new and exciting possibilities to deliver truly magical experiences. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with the Spatial team to take luxury experiences to a whole new level."

– Ari Supran, CEO, Sonance



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A highly versatile audio platform.

Spatial takes surround sound, home theater, and music streaming a step further by creating listening experiences that move beyond traditional surround. Our technology enables more realism, deeper immersion, and more flexible speaker layouts than traditional formats. And with Spatial Studio, you can easily create custom scenes and soundscapes that elevate the home experience.

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