Ignite customers’ imaginations.

Create soundscapes that give everyone a new reason to make the trip – and keep coming back.

The future of retail.

Retail locations of all kinds exist for one reason: to connect people to products and brands in a way that can only happen in person. With Spatial’s technology you can use sound to create customized retail experiences that transform your physical space into a unique experiential destination that customers have to hear to believe.

"I'm excited about what Spatial brings to the world as immersive audio has long been overlooked and never a true peer in experience design. It's not just the installation and expense that have left sound out of the picture, but equally important is the ability to create amazing immersive content and use it in wildly different locations."

– Wilhelm Oehl, Partner and CXO, Eight Inc.



Wilhelm Oehl, Partner and CXO, Eight, Inc. (and co-designer of the Apple Retail experience) on using immersive experiences to create emotional connections with retail brands.

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Unforgettable shopping experiences.

Spatial can create retail environments that aren’t confined by a physical space. You can make customers feel like they’re on a basketball court, at the beach, or in the moment—wherever that may be.

Those experiences create emotional connections that people remember long after they leave. And it’s flexible enough to work everywhere, from your flagship store to a one-week pop-up.





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Convert browsers to buyers.

Spatial soundscapes transform how people perceive a space, changing their mindset and elevating their perception of what’s around them. That new perspective can inspire new shopping behaviors, gently nudging people from browsing, to considering, to buying.