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A Year In Review: 2022 - an exponential leap for immersive audio.

December 22, 2022
A Year In Review: 2022 - an exponential leap for immersive audio.

A letter from our co- founders.

At Spatial, we are reimagining sonic experiences through cutting-edge technology that transforms spaces with the power of sound. Today, we are proud to share key milestones from 2022 with you as we reflect on the product growth and progress we’ve made with our customers and partners.

Since our public launch in  2021, we had an outpouring of creatives and business customers requesting early access to our technology. To support those requests, Spatial announced Global Access in March of this year. With Global Access, anyone in the world could get started creating soundscapes and building sonic experiences in minutes with easy access to our license-based software to fully develop and deploy Spatial scenes in commercial settings.

What better place to introduce the world to Spatial and the launch of Global Access than at South by Southwest; the perfect intersection of interactive technologies and arts, where global brands launched in years past. With a stellar line-up of amazing partners including National Geographic and Meow Wolf, the Spatial Holodeck was one of the top activations of 2022, marking a major moment for Spatial.

To deepen the pool of qualified immersive audio design talent, Spatial partnered with the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences, one of the top-rated audio engineering and music production schools. They helped us develop our foundational curriculum, Spatial Studio 101, offering creators a course that teaches core principles of Spatial Studio, the real time editing environment for designing immersive sonic experiences.

Throughout the year, Spatial and our partners, helped customers deploy experiences in a wide variety of vertical applications with a concentration of custom projects in retail, office, health & wellness and entertainment. We’re excited to see creative teams around the world starting to build Spatial’s platform into their core experience design methods and projects.

In parallel, we’ve been able to take years of learning from custom experience design for audio projects including installations of a few speakers in small environments to hundreds in combined indoor and outdoor spaces. We’ve packaged those lessons along with everything necessary for commercial customers to rapidly deploy immersive soundscapes in their stores, offices, hospitals and more. Meet Spatial Space Kit — the first all-in-one immersive audio solution easily deployable in a variety of commercial applications, offering purpose built speakers with seamless access to Spatial’s software and robust scene library.

Our goal is to make every single step associated with the setup of immersive audio installations easier -  from the space design, hardware selection and install, software configuration and content creation. 2022 was an exponential leap for immersive audio and we’re excited to build momentum as Spatial continues to lead elevated experiences for people everywhere.

Onwards to ‘23!

Calin and Michael

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