Spatial Introduces a Fully Customizable Soundscape Library With Over a Million Scene Actions for Workplace Environments

June 7, 2023
Spatial Introduces a Fully Customizable Soundscape Library With Over a Million Scene Actions for Workplace Environments

Soundscapes designed to enhance workplace wellbeing are inspired from studies that show sound is directly tied to increase well-being, productivity, and sound masking.

Scottsdale, AZ, June 7, 2023 - Spatial, a leading provider of immersive sound solutions, announces the launch of their cutting-edge soundscapes library designed for wellness in the workplace and commercial environments. With years of experience, Spatial's team of in-house sound designers in collaboration with creative content experts have curated a comprehensive collection of targeted soundscapes that cater to a wide range of environments and use cases. This groundbreaking approach transforms traditional environments into harmonious spaces that promote wellbeing, productivity, and creativity. Dynamic soundscapes adapt to different work zones and activities, allowing employees to thrive in open offices, collaborative spaces, and private areas alike.

Spatial’s soundscape library features over a million scene variations for workplace environments, and with new Scene Actions, users can create the optimal auditory experience through a set of sound elements within each sonic landscape that can be fully customized. This allows for real-time control over individual, non-repeating sound elements within the sonic landscape.

"We are thrilled to introduce our revolutionary soundscape library, featuring a vast and dynamic collection of immersive sound experiences," said Thomas Hale, VP of Creative at Spatial. "With our new feature, Scene Actions, customers can easily customize any scene to create amazing immersive soundscapes, even without any sound design experience. With millions of variations at their fingertips, they can effortlessly tailor their space to evoke amazing feelings for their customers or employees. Our dynamic library blends captivating nature sounds and enchanting music, creating real life environments that promote productivity and reduce anxiety for employees. We believe that by harnessing the power of sound, businesses can create truly remarkable spaces that enhance the overall experience and wellbeing of their employees."

Biophilic Approach: Enhancing Workplace Wellbeing

A recent study from Harvard Business Review pointed to the benefits of returning to the office including better collaboration, more social interaction, and increased creativity. To better support employees returning to work in-person full time, better known as the Office Reset, employers are starting to consider sound as a key element in their office and space design. Research shows that 77% of organizations are planning to redesign the office to create more open and collaborative spaces, while also creating quiet zones and huddle spaces.

Our core design principles combine technology with biophilic elements, resetting the standard for how we connect with our environment. Extensive research supports the efficacy of nature sounds in lowering stress levels and heart rate by creating a safe and secure environment. Incorporating biophilic elements into their soundscapes, Spatial enables businesses to improve employee wellbeing and promote a sense of calm and relaxation.

Spatial's soundscapes offer infinite possibilities. By utilizing natural non-repeating sound objects that mimic real-world organic elements, the content remains engaging and enjoyable for extended periods, never looping or becoming predictable. Additionally, the soundscapes can be easily adjusted to meet the specific needs of individual listeners through the desired “scene action”. Spatial's human-centric design philosophy prioritizes the connection between individuals and their environment.

Sound Masking for Enhanced Focus and Productivity

Unwanted sounds in communal spaces have long been recognized as a significant distraction, hindering productivity and concentration. Spatial's immersive sound solutions incorporate sound masking techniques that reduce the perception of distracting noises and mitigate noise pollution to reduce distractions consequently enhancing focus and decreasing stress.

Customizable and Flexible Solution

Spatial's content library offers real-time customization, empowering businesses to tailor their soundscapes to their specific desired outcomes. Whether it's adapting the soundscapes to different spaces, business needs, or budgets, Spatial ensures flexibility and versatility.

Spatial's immersive soundscapes can be effortlessly deployed in any space with Space Kit, a turnkey immersive audio hardware solution. Businesses can enjoy the benefits of immersive soundscapes without the need for complex design or hardware integration.

To learn more about dynamic soundscapes design and how it can transform your environment, please visit or contact our team at

About Spatial

Founded in 2017, Spatial unlocks the full potential of immersive sound technology to enhance human experience in real world environments. As a leading provider of cutting-edge audio solutions, Spatial is revolutionizing auditory experiences. With a deep understanding of the physiological and psychological effects of sound, we design and implement dynamic soundscapes that optimize environments for workplace, wellness, hospitality, and healthcare settings. Our mission is to create transformative sound experiences that enhance well-being, productivity, and engagement of people in your spaces.


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