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Reimagining Sound Design Pt. 1

October 25, 2022
Reimagining Sound Design Pt. 1

The Future of Audio is in Immersive Sound Design

Author: Wyatt Giampa

Sound is one of the most underutilized aspects of developing viscerally transformative experiences at scale. Most of the time, it’s the last thing considered in the artist’s palette when producing an event, developing a themed location, etc. Yet, artists are constantly searching for new mediums to express their creativity; looking to push boundaries and explore innovative ideas.

Many believe innovation is the key to success in any field, but in the world of music and sound it is a fully integrated part of the passion; it encourages creativity. Whether it’s a new trick on an old synthesizer that creates just the right amount of distortion, or a mastering technique you just figured out that brightens your mix; these discoveries drive inspiration in composers and engineers.

Spatial audio is a rising force in the creative world. While the innovation within that field is ever evolving, learning what tools are available to use empowers creative professionals to stay on that cutting edge. What’s even more powerful about immersive audio is that its use cases span far beyond sound design in music.

"Spatialized audio is a more immersive and dimensional approach that mimics the way people hear music and sound in real life. And scientific studies like these are demonstrating that this new evolution of spatial audio could be good for consumer wellbeing as well." - Frank Fitzpatrick, Forbes Contributor

The varying applications appear to lead in the direction of spatial audio becoming ubiquitous. Object-based audio allows for ongoing playback and hyper realistic environments, providing artists with a much larger canvas to build sonic worlds; creating endless possibilities to transform spaces like museums, wellness centers, retail stores or workplaces. Immersive sound designers are given the ability to develop a soundscape, a beach or forest, and recreate physical sounds objects within a digital environment, maintaining and customizing their natural behaviors. 

Spatial audio has the power to psychologically move you in a way that most people have only experienced in the real world. Therefore, learning to mix, compose, create and transform using spatial audio is the next frontier to both innovate and indulge in a passion of emotional influence.

Spatial Studio was designed with the goal to build a user-friendly application that allows creators and audio designers to make living breathing sonic worlds. Our powerful audio tool drives immersive, three-dimensional sound that makes spaces feel bigger, or more intimate, and more alive.

"With Spatial, you have the interactive component and regarding the “game design perspective”, it allows you to do things that are more creative and interactive rather than being confined to a linear space. Having a toolset that is able to give you a studio space with the ability to program interactive components to do design work is not really something I’ve seen currently on the market and what makes me excited about the potential for Spatial." - Monica Bolles, Spatial Sound Artist

Spatial Studio’s intuitive technology makes creating and implementing immersive soundscapes—regardless of location, size or speaker configuration—more accessible than ever before. With mechanisms that leverage real-world physics to give sound objects unique acoustic properties and behaviors, Spatial Studio creates ultra-realistic audio experiences for a plethora of different uses, including enjoying music and home entertainment.

Creativity should not be limited by the tools available.  Artists want to elevate their designs by bringing a vibrancy to the vision - why should audio be any different?

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