Spatial Space Kit Makes It Easy for Wellness & Healthcare Facilities & Workplaces to Harness the Power of Sound to Promote Well-Being, Reduce Stress, and Enable New Forms of Therapy

March 1, 2023
Spatial Space Kit Makes It Easy for Wellness & Healthcare Facilities & Workplaces to Harness the Power of Sound to Promote Well-Being, Reduce Stress, and Enable New Forms of Therapy

Space Kit is the first all-in-one solution that packages everything needed to deploy immersive experiences in a matter of minutes.

Scottsdale, AZ, March 1, 2023 - Spatial, the award-winning immersive audio company is now delivering Spatial Space Kit is a complete hardware and software package, featuring effortless setup and a robust soundscape library with dozens of Spatial scenes. Space Kit ships with fully-immersive soundscapes that promote well-being and productivity, reduce stress and enable new types of therapies for healthcare and wellbeing.

From applications in health and wellness to commercial work spaces, Spatial Space Kit is a true turnkey solution featuring purpose built speakers – the first designed with complete immersion in mind. Spatial Space Kit comes pre-configured with real-time Spatial Reality engine and access to the Spatial soundscape library. Spatial Space Kit is easily deployed and offers an affordable alternative to custom projects and installations.


Spatial Space Kit was designed to deliver the healing properties of sound, with the profound effect that immersive audio can shape the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of human experiences. These sonic therapies are rooted in the rich healing traditions offered at leading wellness facilities. Spatial is delivering an immersive audio solution as a modality for impacting better recovery and overall ambiance of a space, with a focus on wellbeing and spirituality services.   

Spatial is able to deliver these fully immersive and in some cases self-guided experiences through the use of Space Kit. The scene library offers a robust selection of soundscapes: whether you're looking to create a relaxing and calming atmosphere, or an energetic and exciting one, the soundscape library coupled with Space Kit will help you transform spaces into the perfect environment.


New research from a collaboration between Syracuse University and the University of Pittsburgh reveals that the pandemic’s toll on frontline health care workers is extending beyond career burnout to mental health issues including PTSD and overall health problems. (Journal of Psychiatric Research). Spatial Space Kit is intended to counteract health worker burnout at hospitals and health clinics across the United States. 

Spatial partnered with Wellstar Healthcare System in Georgia to counteract health worker fatigue by installing Spatial technology at four of its 17 medical centers throughout the state. These wellness rooms have recorded over 100,000 visits from doctors and frontline workers. 

Over 90% of users who responded to a survey reported a decrease in anxiety, while 80% reported an increase in motivation.

“Spatial Space Kit is an all inclusive, easily installed system for healthcare providers looking for a proven way to stem this crisis faced by frontline workers. Our dedicated wellness scenes paired with the immersive audio technology create a deeply sensorial experience we want to replicate at scale for healthcare” says Darrell Rodriguez, COO of Spatial.

In addition, patient-centric advancements using the science of sound have been shown to accelerate health recovery timing and outcomes. “Spatial is being used by leading healthcare institutions in clinical trials to reduce anxiety, and for the management of pain during vascular surgery as well as childbirth”, says Rodriguez, “we are very excited to provide ways to affect positive outcomes for both patients and workers in a meaningful way without medication or extended treatments."

Wellness in the Workplace

Wellness in the workplace has become a priority as employees return to the office. Many companies are introducing soundscapes to help increase productivity and focus. The world’s top architects and designers, as well as industry-leading executive and HR teams, are now focused on the impact sound can have on mental health and employee wellness. This focus has long been part of Spatial’s DNA, demonstrated by a partnership with Made Music Studio in New York City. Together, Spatial and Made Music created a special collection of soundscapes aimed at future work spaces for the benefit of employees.

Now with Spatial Space Kit, companies can easily outfit existing spaces and deliver soundscapes that positively affect the work environment and well-being for employees. 

Spatial Technology & Spatial Scene Library 

Spatial is built on an object-driven platform that renders realistic, believable soundscapes in real-time. Spatial simulates characteristics like size, position, distance and speed of sonic elements in the real world. With natural physics and complex object behaviors, Spatial creates 24:7 dynamic soundscapes.

With decades of experience, Spatial’s team of in-house sound designers and creative content partners have built a library of targeted soundscapes that can be used out-of-the-box by a wide variety of customers for many environments and use cases. The Spatial scene library features dozens of soundscapes, searchable by a desired set of states including calm, relaxing to energetic and inspiring. 

To learn more about Spatial Space Kit or to make a purchase, please visit: To learn more about Spatial’s complete offerings, including customized installations and projects, visit

About Spatial

Founded in 2017, Spatial unlocks the full potential of immersive technology to enhance human experience in real world environments. From retail stores to offices to hospitals, Spatial’s audio design and deployment software platform breaks down traditional audio barriers and offers new creative possibilities to enhance environments for meaningful engagement, powerful entertainment, and optimum well-being. Spatial's team and demo locations are located in Emeryville, CA and Scottsdale, AZ and via partners across the US and Europe. Led by experienced leaders from Apple, Nest, Dolby and Disney and backed by DBL Partners, BITKRAFT Ventures, National Geographic Society and others, Spatial is poised to reimagine immersive human experiences. To learn more, visit, or follow us on Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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