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New Company Spatial Introduces Immersive Audio Tools

CE Pro
March 23, 2021
New Company Spatial Introduces Immersive Audio Tools

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Spatial, an immersive audio experience company, has announced a product line and service that provides dynamic soundscapes for users in locations that include work and at home.

“We’ve been crafting an integrated software platform including a real-time interactive engine, 3D creative tools, an intuitive control app and service,” says Michael Plitkins, co-founder and co-der, Spatial.

“The lack of approachable tools, complexity due to non-integrated solutions, cost and effort required has prevented immersive, interactive audio from being a must have component of experiences. We can’t wait to hear the amazing things creative teams and audio professionals build with what we have created.”

Spatial Reality Engine is interactive and Flexible by Design. Spatial Reality engine is built on an object-driven platform that renders realistic, believable soundscapes in real-time, with natural physics and complex object behaviors that allow for 24:7 dynamic experiences.

Spatial experiences are completely interactive, encouraging guests to explore and experiment throughout the space. With comprehensive and immediate support for both inputs and outputs, Spatial experiences can react to anything in real time, from sensors and computer vision systems in the space to data feeds and live audio streams. The same holds true for outputs, with the action in a Spatial experience driving lighting, control systems or whatever users can imagine for a completely immersive engagement.

According to the company, Spatial scenes are flexible and scale and adapt to each location. From a small space with a handful of speakers to theme park scale with thousands, Spatial is designed with flexibility which allows for indoor and outdoor installations that are unrestricted by traditional channel- based audio.

Spatial Control runs on users’ iOS devices, for real-time control of and interaction with whatever spaces they occupy. User-friendly scene and space controls are woven in with detailed user roles and permissions, providing the access and management expected of a business-critical service experience. Spatial Control also provides tools for easy setup, tuning and customization of your spaces, using the portability and power of the mobile device to get everything just right without ever leaving the space.

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