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Spatial Launches Immersive and Interactive Audio Experiences

Sound & Communication
May 24, 2021
Spatial Launches Immersive and Interactive Audio Experiences

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Calin Pacurariu and Michael Plitkins, audio and technology industry veterans, recently unveiled Spatial. The startup aims to shift what’s possible with interactive soundscapes through an integrated software platform with a real-time interactive engine, 3D creative tools and an intuitive control app. Spatial plans to offer its solution as a service and work closely with the commercial AV sector to bring these soundscapes to a range of venues, including retail stores, museums, hotels and theme parks. Pacurariu and Plitkins both have a long history of patents in intelligent audio, methods for providing audio and visual cues in spaces, camera-based tracking, user-interface design, streaming audio and smart automation. Now, they’re tackling what they describe as a lack of approachable tools and an excessive complexity in audio today.

Plitkins explained, “The lack of approachable tools, the complexity due to non-integrated solutions, [and the] cost and effort required has prevented immersive, interactive audio from being a must-have component of experiences.” Spatial’s offering includes the Spatial Reality engine, the Spatial Studio creation environment, the Spatial Control app and Spatial Service.

The Spatial Reality engine is built on an object-driven platform that renders realistic, believable soundscapes in real time, with natural physics and complex object behaviors that allow for 24/7 dynamic experiences.

Spatial Studio is a creation environment with detailed control of fully visualized experiential scenes. Creators can see the whole scene take place on the 3D canvas and fine-tune object position, size, motion and behaviors while listening to real-time preview.

Spatial Control, an app for iPhone and iPad, provides real-time control of and interaction with any of the created spaces and soundscapes. User-friendly scene and space controls are woven in with detailed user roles and permissions, providing the access and management expected of a business-critical service experience.

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